Hey hot stuff

So today the weather is BEAUTIFUL in the ever miserable north east of England and I am fortunate enough to be scheduled in for a rest day from work! Alas I’m in for the weekend followed by some crippling night shifts so I am making the most! Pasty white, un-prepared hairy legs are out. Some shorts that have reminded me of the fact I’m getting older by them no longer holding in the lower end of my bottom and some toenails that need desperately painting in a summery shade of coral: just to really go all out for “summer”. Also got myself a very poorly chihuahua perched on my knee; unfortunately the heat is not agreeing with her (how ironic right) and she’s got hives. So this is my excuse to do sweet eff all, wonder why I haven’t sacked off the thought of employment bought a yacht and sail around drinking mojitos. A girl’s got to have ambition and my career focus is winning the lottery. Some would say I’m in denial, but I like to use the phrase “positive mindset”

Hope you’re all having a glorious day and don’t do too much!

From me and my Betty Swollocks


Hey guys and gals!

Good evening you beautiful people!

I’m really going to commit to getting together a “well organised” blog about all things going on with me! It’ll be sporadic and probably difficult to follow in places but I’d rather it that way because that is just SO ME! I’ve decided to pop this piece of literary artistry together for two reasons ; number one being I genuinely think I am hilarious, number two I have crippling anxiety and hope this will stop me quivering like a chihuahua on a daily basis trying to hold it together. So quick lil introduction aside and I’m going to get some pretty awesome pieces together immediately.

First I need to mediate I’ve got the shakes again 🤦🏽‍♀️

**Side note don’t be offended if I regularly joke about my own mental health- this is MY coping mechanism and how I deal with it. In no reflection is it my opinion on mental health in general sending lots of hugs and kisses to all of you.

Fun fact; I’m very modest.